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First edit:
7 April 2006
Number of edits:
~ 15 000
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Russian Wikipedia
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Homopedia, Deutsch Wikipedia

gay activist

Amberg, Germany

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Barnaul is a user of wikiprojects from 7 April 2006 to June 2008. Lives in Germany. Bisexual.[1] At the moment Barnaul is inactive in wiki-environment and now he is a dead wikipedian.

Participation in wiki-environment Edit

In Russian Wikipedia Edit

First appeared in project in April 2006. First edits were about Dyatkovo area of Bryansk oblast (maybe he was born or lived there).

Famous as a member of homowars and as an opponent of Putin. Barnaul was often blocked. Arbitration Committee imposed sanctions against him twice.[2][3]

Barnaul was a member of OSV, where he was the second most important person after Roman Bekker. Opponent of Smartass, Serebr and APE.

He was one of the few wikipedians, who assumed the virtuality of EvgenyGenkin.[4] Also assumed the virtuality of Altes[5] and DVS[6].

Reduced the activity in Wikipedia from December 2007. In January and February 2008 he made only 14 edits, in March and April he made none. On 28 May 2008 he returned for a short period, made 145 edits in 6 days[7], then, after some edits on June 2 disappeared from Russian Wikipedia and hadn't been there ever since.

In Deutsch Wikipedia Edit

First edit from his IP was 7 April 2006. On the same day he registered in Deutsch Wikipedia.

At the first time, as in Russian Wikipedia, he edits articles about Dyatkovo area of Bryansk oblast.

25 April 2006 Barnaul filed a request to rename of account from «Bauschew» to «Barnaul»

28 May 2008 he made the last edit and hadn't been there ever since.

References Edit

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