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Andrei G Kustov is a user of Russian Wikipedia from 29 April 2006 to 11 July 2009. Administrator from 21 May 2007 [1] to 2 February 2010, received 51 votes support and 17 votes oppose.

Wrote about football, 2 good and 1 featured article. Founder of project «Football».

He was a candidate on the elections in AC-7, didn't answered the questions and withdrew.

From the end of 2008 reduced the activity. From April to June 2008 he is not appeared, in June and Jule appeared periodically, 11 July 2009 made the last edits.[1] По собственным словам, заменил свой пароль на случайный набор символов и покинул проект.

2 February 2010 he was deprived of the flag from inactivity.

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