right|thumb|Anonymous rules the Internet. Anonymous (anonym, anonymous user, unreg etc.) is an unregistered user of a website.

Web 2.0 Edit

Blogs Edit

Though in most blogs anonymous users are allowed to leave replies, their opportunities are seriously truncated. For example, embedding media or external links may be forbidden. Sometimes anonymous has to verify he is not a spam-bot by entering the CAPTCHA code. Anonymous user cannot delete his own reply.

IP-addresses are usually invisible to visitors, though they are visible for the blog's owner. Also he can set the premoderation of anonymous replies (automatic screening of such comments).

Web forums Edit

Usually anonymous users cannot post on bulletin boards (it is a spam countermeasure). If anonymous comments are allowed, they are premoderated.

Wikis Edit

Anonymous users are those who are not logged in their own wiki-accounts. IP-address is used for identification.[1] Incognitos are not able to make certain actions like editing and moving protected pages, uploading files, marking edits as small etc.

Other projects Edit

In some of the wikis anonymous editing is disabled. Such projects include Citizendium, Conservapedia, Wikislavia and Kaschepuzia.

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References Edit

  1. There are some exceptions though. In Lurkomorye all the anonymous contributors are named "anonymous". However, IPs are still visible to sysops

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