thumb|350px|The position of border guards in brief: if we will not expel all of the "potential barbarians", they will harm the project Border control is a Wikipedia philosophy according to which all the users of wikiprojects should be members of it and observe strict subordination with a view of achieving some Great Idea while the lack of project borders and proper control leads to the death of an organization. It was first mentioned by a Russian Wikipedia administrator EvgenyGenkin in his Block Philosophy essay also known as Border Control Manifesto. This philosophy has been met with wide criticism by people both involved and uninvolved in Politics of Wikipedia. Despite all the criticism and comparisons with Nazism the vast majority of Russian Wikipedia sysops observes border control exercising admin power on every single person who disagrees with them, rendering RuWiki a police state.

Roots Edit

The first signs of Border control in Russian Wikipedia surfaced during the 2006-2008 war between Academy of Progressive Encyclopaedians and Union for Free Wikipedia. This war ended up in complete expulsion of APE members from RuWiki and the victory of UfFW leader, gay, Roman Bekker. The latter is the one who introduced Border control into the wiki and used it to get rid of APE.

Block Philosophy essay Edit

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Though Roman Bekker introduced border control de-facto, the term was first coined when Block Philosophy essay was first posted by a Russian Wikipedia administrator EvgenyGenkin on 12 May 2009[1]. Its main goal was to reason the execution of Lvova. The first version of the essay was heavily criticized for its contradiction with basic principles (pillars) of Wikipedia and similarity with Nazi slogans. Despite this the Manifesto was not deleted with a reason that it was just an essay and not a rule. Later, though, it was reworked and became much milder than the original version.

Sea Otter Battle Edit

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The first and the most infamous case of border control up-to-date is the Sea Otter Battle also known as the Autumn War in Wikipedia. This was a huge conflict over EvgenyGenkin's article about sea otters in the Russian Wikipedia. A lot of mistakes were found in the article but many of those who pointed out and tried to correct inaccuracies were blocked with the "harassment" as a justification.

Later events Edit

In 2010 sysops of Russian Wikipedia kept Border control in mind when massively deleting articles and contributions of blocked users evading scrutiny, adding wiki-opposition sites to spam-list and blocking everybody trying to mention it for "trolling".

Quotes Edit

  1. REDIRECT Шаблон:Начало цитатыIf you are illegally crossing the border at night evading the block, do it without getting caught in a spotlight. — Victoria 12:30, 31 March 2010 (UTC) [2]
  2. REDIRECT Шаблон:Конец цитаты

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