[[Файл:Nuvola search person.png|thumb|Generalized form of checkuser (author — Wind, checkuser of Russian Wikipedia)]] Checkuser is a user of a wiki-project, who has the right of viewing IP-addresses and other confidential information of other users (UserAgent, e-mail).

Such right is granted to few users, its usage is restricted to rules of a project, and all checks are recorded in special logs.

A checkuser is the most important user after a developer and a steward.

Checkusers in wiki-projects Edit

Russian Wikipedia Edit

Checkusers accept requests for checkings on a special page. Checkusers often use their rights for pressurizing oppositionists (for example, accusing Serebr, Smartass and other users of sockpuppetry and vandalism, and then gradually eliminating them from Wikipedia).

Traditio Edit

In Traditio, users are checked according to the rules of checking. Checkusers accept requests for checkings on a special page. Vandals and users with provocative nicknames are checked without any requests.

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