Template:English Wikireality/Wiki-project English Wikipedia is the biggest edition out of all-language versions of the Wikipedia. Its total number of articles exceeds 3,200,000 (see the statistics page).

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  • Though English Wikipedia is said to be a non-profit project, users can offer rewards and bounties for completing Wikipedia-related tasks.
  • English Wikipedia has quite strict policies and regulations, sometimes they even contradict common sense. For example, good-faith edits made by banned users may be deleted. There's even a speedy deletion criterion (Db-g5) for such cases.
  • Another example is the so-called «Law Affair»: when an administrator Law turned out to be a sockpuppet of another user (The undertow) created as the evasion of ban, Law was desysoped and blocked indefinitely, while its creator received a six-month ban from the Arbitartion Commitee (Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Motions).

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