Template:English Wikireality/Wikipedian EvgenyGenkin is a former user of Russian Wikipedia from 21 August 2006 to 14 June 2010. Administrator from 26 June 2007 (56 for him and 2 against) to 14 June 2010, checkuser from 27 December 2010 to 27 February 2010.

Member of AC-4 and AC-9.

In 2009 was inactive as a checkuser, and was deprived of the flag of checkuser on 17 February 2010 according to the lawsuit 556.

Suddenly gived up his administrator flag on 14 June 2010, indefblocked himself and left the project.

References Edit

Template:English Wikireality/Ruwikirea Template:English Wikipedia/Wikipedians

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