Template:English Wikireality/Wikipedian LEMeZza (Ekaterina Sergeyeva) is a user of Russian Wikipedia. She registred on 11 August 2008, but made the first edit only after 4 months.[1] She has been an administrator of Russian Wikipedia since 9 July 2009 (received 67 votes for and 11 votes against) and an OTRS-agent of Wikimedia Foundation since 28 May 2009.[2]

Participation in Russian Wikipedia Edit

LEMeZza registred on 11 August 2008 though did not make any edits for 4 months. Her first edit was made on 1 January 2009 in her sandbox. She showed a good knowledge of wiki-markup[3] what is quite unusual for most newcomers.

The first article surfaced 3 days later and had a good design.[4] In the end of the first month LEMeZza received access to autopatroller flag, after 2 weeks — access to patroller. She had an average activity of 500—700 edits per month.[5]

On 25 June 2009 LEMeZza requested for adminship and received the sysop flag on 9 July 2009.[6]

LEMeZza ran for an arbitrator of ArbCom 8 and ArbCom 9, but was not elected.

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