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Maximaximax (Maxim Vladimirovich Votyakov, MaxiMaxiMax, MMM) is a administrator and bureaucrat of Russian Wikipedia from 6 July 2004, flags was assigned by bureaucrat Drbug without voting[1].


Histoty of participation Edit

Appeared in Russian Wikipedia in April 2004, he was one of the first 500 registred users[3] (449).

Made more than 100000 edits in Russian Wikipedia.[4] He was a member of APE in the first half of June 2006[5].

thumb|250px|left|Dynamics of edits of Maximaximax Now Maxim is gradually ends the cycle of wikipedian. Evidence of this is lowering of activity, which starter in June 2009 года.[6] From the middle of January to March there was a significant increase of activity, then activite decreased again: from 6 March to the end of month — 4 edits, in April — 10, in May — 28, in June — 5.

Founder and bureaucrat of Tomsk encyclopedia (Towiki).

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