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Soularis (Ruslan Porshnev) is a ex-user of Russian Wikipedia, friend of Roman Bekker, was a member of OSV. Homosexualist, what wrote on his userpage. At the moment he is a dead wikipedian.

In LiveJournal he is a keeper of LGBT-community ru_antidogma.

Participation in Russian Wikipedia Edit

Appered in project in August 2006. Interester in articles about LGBT.[1]

In March 2007 nominated in administrators.[2] Failed, despite the active support of bekkerists. He was a candidate in AC-4, received the support of less than a third of voters.

Never blocked, despite the main subjects of his edits.

From the 2008 reduced the activity (for all 2008 he made only 116 edits), in January-March 2009 made 10 edits. 18 January 2010 after more than ten months break made edit in article «Russian LGBT-ser», after that disappeared again.

References Edit

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