Template:English Wikireality/Wikipedian Stassats (Stanislav Igorevich Bukarev; born 2 April 1989) is a user of Russian Wikipedia. Administrator from 29 July 2007[1], received 48 votes for and 0 votes against.

Contribution history Edit

From June 2006 to 2007, he was member of APE. After the election he became a bekkerist.

He posted on his userpage userboxes «User from Pluton» and «User from Solar system».

Stassats was active on IRC-chanel #wikipedia-ru and received a barnstar.

He made 8864 edits in 6488 articles, created 103 articles and 321 redirect[2][3], including a significant number of articles about famous rock groups.

Now is apolitical and more or less inactive.

References Edit

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