thumb|110px|Broom — unformal symbol of administrator of wiki-project. Sysop (administrator, system operator) is a user of wiki-projects with additional rights for technical and other service of project.

Rights Edit

In most wiki-projects sysop has a standard set of functions:

  • Block and unblock of all users.
  • Protect of pages and edit of sysop protected pages.
  • Delete and undelete of all pages.
  • Watching of deleted pages.
  • Edit of space of names MesiaWiki.
  • Edit of JS and CSS files for all users.
  • Change of uncritical rights (autopatrolled, patroller).
  • No speed limit on edit.
  • Rename of files.

Duties Edit

Rights of sysop impose additional duties on user:

  • Timely response to violations of the rules of users
  • Monitoring of problematic pages
  • Summing-up of discussions of deleting pages
  • Control over other users
  • Protection of critical pages and prevention of wheelwars
  • and other.

Administrators in various wiki-projects Edit

Wikipedia Edit

In various parts of Wikipedia has a variois features of elections of administrators. In Russian Wikipedia elections continues 2 weeks. Thereshold of assignment of flag is 2/3 (66,6%).

In English Wikipedia thereshold of assignment of flag in not regulated. 80% of support means guaranteed assignment, 70-80% at the discretion of bureaucrat.

From 18 May 2010 administrators in Wikipedia can hide name of user, comment on the edit and version of edits.

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