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Traditio (official — Encyclopedia «Traditio») is a Russian encyclopedia, one of the main competitors of the Russian Wikipedia[источник?]Категория:Статьи с утверждениями без источников. Main feature of project is the partisanship by unneutral point of view, dominance of Russian nationalists and oppositionists. Among the leaders is a famous oppositionist Serebr, Russian nationalists Alex Mashin, Wikitraditio and Krylov. Verbatim Russian Wikipedia article copies count for 70 percent of the content.

History Edit

16 May 2006 is official date of the foundation of Traditio, when the site surfaced at At first, only founders and Russian nationalists were active. Since November 2006 in project has been in the RuWiki-opposition, first oppositionist was Serebr who was followed by others. Since 25 November the site has been located on the domain

Traditio is often used as a canvassing and harassment platform that is independent of the Wikimedia Foundation.

In 2007 Arbitration Commitee at first banned the import of articles from Traditio to Russian Wikipedia and then any references to the site. In October 2009 the ban on references to Traditio in Wikipedia was lifted.

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